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Something There Is by David SayreFlatland by David SayreThe Great Improbability by David Sayre
Praise for Something There Is 

*One of Foreword Reviews’ top 5 Spirituality Books of 2014!*

“Sayre expresses confidence that the discoveries of science are consistent with the central teachings of the world’s great religions, as well as with those of the best in art and literature.” [Read the full review…]
“[Sayre’s] philosophical musings are a pleasure to read…fresh and appealing prose… inspired… Thoughtful, elegantly written essays.[Read the full review…]

David Sayre’s  writing grows out of two uncommon but parallel careers. Leading advances in the sciences of communication and energy, he has ventured with rare insight into the back wards of violent and despairing institutions and neighborhoods. Sayre’s writing explores the evolution of our species in our “places of great striving.” Writing for adults and for children, his books explore the themes of entropy, love and loss, beauty and truth. Sayre gives readers much to savor, as they journey toward Home.

Watch David Sayre discuss the development of Something There Is, as he highlights the themes he explores in his writing—beauty and truth, love and loss, and the ongoing evolution of our species.